Domain Expertise


Excellent infrastructure is an important feature projecting a country or region’s development. The demand for first-rate infrastructure facilities like highways, street roads and bridges, airports, airways, water supply and water resources, etc. are ever-increasing with increased urbanization. Major infrastructure projects are under way in the GCC region and government is keen on providing the required investment in this sector. Both public and private sector should operate together and play vital role in the execution of infrastructure projects.

Running and executing infrastructure projects calls for exceptional experience and use of state-of-the-art technologies. We along with our world class partners have core competency in managing and executing infrastructure projects of varying sizes. Our expertise covers most aspects of highways design and construction monitoring, on projects ranging from major highways, road improvements and bypasses. With unparalleled engineering and project management skills, Contech group is highly capable of serving the infrastructure sector in Kuwait and the GCC countries.


Construction industry contributes significantly to the growth of economy. Kuwait construction industry is expected to continue its growing pace in the coming years. Contech group aims at playing a substantial role in the construction industry of Kuwait by undertaking projects with absolute commitment and making every project a success. We along with our local and international partners have adopted a ‘joined-up’ approach focused on producing coherent results. We focus on quality services and manage projects with the required expertize and technical know-how.

We are equally adept in executing projects for both the public and private sector. Contech specializes in the construction of residential complexes/buildings/villas, commercial buildings/complexes, school/college buildings, industrial facilities for the private sector of Kuwait. For the public sector, we along with our key partners can undertake major/mega projects such as construction college/university buildings and campus, sports stadiums, hospitals, libraries, museums, airport terminal construction and sea ports.


Kuwait economy is largely dependent on petroleum resources and it accounts for nearly half of the GDP. Kuwait Government is committed to increase the oil production in the coming years. The processes involved in exploration, production and export of oil & gas are highly complex, capital intensive and requires highly sophisticated technologies.

Contech group in collaboration with its sister company ‘contech partners’ is dedicated to provide advanced support to the oil and gas sectors by playing the role of a ‘facilitator’. We provide base to companies who are renowned industry leaders in this sector to operate in Kuwait and provide their world class solutions to the oil and gas sector of Kuwait. Our international partners are highly specialized service providers in the areas of exploration and production from new fields, servicing oil wells, packaging and handling specific products produced by refineries, building complete fuel units and oil refineries.


Sophisticated equipment and machinery helps improving the efficiency while reducing costs. Relevance of sophisticated technological equipment and machinery in today’s world is evident by the increasing number of technological innovations happening across the globe. The present world is very much dependent on the advantages gained through the use of advanced technological equipment in many aspects of life.

Contech group in alliance with specialized equipment and machinery providers serves the local Kuwait market with state –of-the-art equipment and technology which uses the newest and most advanced ideas and features. Committed to maintaining high standards, we offer the market with latest technology in airport support machines and equipment, logistics equipment, auto parking systems, vending machines, gift and souvenir industry equipment. We aim at expanding our service domain by offering more innovative technological solutions in the near future.