Highways & Infrastructure

Excellent infrastructure is an important feature projecting a country or region’s development. The demand for first-rate infrastructure facilities like highways, street roads and bridges, airports, airways, water supply and water resources, etc. are ever-increasing with increased urbanization. Major infrastructure projects are under way in the GCC region and government is keen on providing the required investment in this sector. Both public and private sector should operate together and play vital role in the execution of infrastructure projects.

Running and executing infrastructure projects calls for exceptional experience and use of state-of-the-art technologies. We along with our world class partners have core competency in managing and executing infrastructure projects of varying sizes. Our expertise covers most aspects of highways design and construction monitoring, on projects ranging from major highways, road improvements and bypasses. With unparalleled engineering and project management skills, Contech group is highly capable of serving the infrastructure sector in Kuwait and the GCC countries.